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Looking for Survey software for your website?
Questions for this module are setup in a linear path. For example (Q=question): Q1 [shown above] -> Q2 -> Q3 -> Q4 -> Q5, and so on.
For this sample survey we have also grouped our questions into 'page sets'. For example: Q1 and this Notice you are now reading have been grouped into Set1. Q2 and Q3 are grouped into Set2, Q4 and Q5 into Set3, etc.
At any point, you can setup a 'skip' to move your visitor from one set to another, thereby bypassing one or more page sets. For example: Set1 can lead to Set2 or skip to Set3, depending on how your visitor answers your button questions.
There are two 'button questions' shown below. The 'some experience' button takes you to the next set of questions and the 'no experience' button skips Set2 and takes you further down to Set3. Give both buttons a try and you will see where they take you.