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What Is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies to increase your website’s rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) which in turn increases traffic to your website. Contact us and start using the best seo services fit for your business!
Higher Rankings  =  More Traffic (web visitors)  =  More Business
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Why use SEO?


The Web’s Influence On Business

50% of all purchases are influenced by the web
49% of people purchase products online
46%  use social media to help make purchase decisions
61%  less cost for inbound leads (web) over outbound leads (cold calling & mailings)
14.6%  closing rate for inbound leads compared to 1.7% for outbound leads 

Why SEO Make Dollars And Sense

93%  of all online activity starts with search engines
75%  of people only look at the first page of search results 
83%  of searches are through Google 
47%   of consumers use smartphones to search local businesses before going
70%   of these smartphone searches result in the consumer taking action within 1 hour
88%  of Internet users (14+) will research products online first before buying
39%  of new clients are now acquired through online search engines...  WOW!!!

SEO begins with the purpose of your website

Attracting new visitors to your website is critical for most businesses and organizations and this article is the first step in helping you understand why SEO is important. If you put extra effort into making it relevant, up-to-date, and engaging your website needs to be seen to be read. The first purpose of every website, is to be found. If no-one can find your website, why have one. If people use a search engine to find your website, then SEO is extremely important.

Why are search engines important?

90% of people use search engines to find websites
90% of people use search engines to find relevant websites. Without a search engine bringing these visitors, your website is virtually invisible on the Internet. Search engines are like roadways that bring the traffic past your front door. If you build your website without an SEO strategy, it is like building in the middle of a forest with no roads. It will exist but no one will know it is there.
"You don't want search rankings, you want traffic.
However, you don't just want traffic, you want conversions!"
- Matt Cutts from Google

Who is most important to a search engine?

Information is the key to success
The search engine's most important customers are the people doing the searching not the website owners. Therefore, website owners should make their goal to provide customers with the most relevant information possible. If your website is deemed to be strongly relevant to a person's search, then your website will be high on that search list. If your website is not as relevant, then it is buried so far down the list, it might as well be invisible. Relevant information is the key.

How do search engines find relevant information?

Many websites mistakenly hide content
They use software robots called 'spiders' which literally roam the Internet and index (download and categorize) the content on every website they find. There are two factors required for this process to happen.
  1. Search engines need to be able to see your website's content. The content on many websites is mistakenly hidden from these spiders, due to the way they are designed.
  2. Search engines analyze the validity of the content and discard useless content that may disappoint their searching customers.
So if a person was searching for a Financial Advisor in Toronto and there was a website that contained these kewords Toronto, financial, and advisor a hundred times on one page but there was no other valid content, this website would be considered spam and ignored. Another website could be at the top of the search engine list and only have these keywords five times on any given page. What is the difference. The second website has these keywords in proper sentences, page titles, downloadable files, bullet points, etc.
Here is what Google itself says about how it searches websites.

What is the secret to attracting the search engines?

Seeing one website
in a forest of
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret, but it is not a complete mystery. Although the search engine companies will not divulge the specific methods it uses to rank websites, they do offer lots of suggestions of what they look for. When you first build a website it is virtually hidden among a forest of websites. When you incorporate SEO strategies, the search engines will soon build a road to your front door. If you continue to use effective SEO strategies, it is like having a large flashing neon sign. This whole process may take several months but it is worth it.

What is important to the search engines?

It is not
the photos!
When a search engine finds relevant valid content on your website it classifies this content into keywords. Some words such as 'the', 'as', and 'like' are largely discarded. The remaining text is considered keywords if being used properly and given a weighting (quality value) based on how well it is being used. More weight is given to words that are also found in titles, bullets, links, page headers, file names, etc.

When someone goes to a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others and types in their search words, the following happens.
  • The search engines go through their vast indexes to find websites containing these keywords.
  • The list of websites containing these keywords (often in the hundreds of thousands) are then sorted based on the weighting of how each keyword was used on each website.
  • Websites with a higher weighting value of keywords appear before those with a lower weighting value.
Amazing how fast it can do this for the whole world!

What can the search engines read and not read?

Search engines can read most text unless it is contained in a photo, javascript programming code, or Flash. Many drop down menus use javascript or Flash which can therefore be a major problem. The other issue many people do not realize hurts their visibility to the search engines, is when text is actually part of a graphic or photo. An example of this is in the text box below.
text graphic - Hamilton SEO

How should I use keywords?

By understanding how your target market uses keywords
People are discovering that the more keywords they type into the search engines, the more defined their search will be.
For example, if they wanted to buy water plants for their pond and type just the word water into Google, they would get 3,230,000,000 billion websites (as of January 2012). Topics would range from oceans to paddle boats to molecules. People are now much more knowledgeable about search engines and will use more defining keywords to refine this list. If this doesn't give them the best results they add more words and filter out even more irrelevant websites, so"pond water plants best for fish" would shorten their results even more. If your website was created to sell water plants for ponds but you rarely used the word pond in your content, you will never be seen by prospective buyers.
49% of people now include a local city name to find relevant websites. So if they added the city name pond water plants Toronto, this list dwindles down much more. Knowing the keywords your target market is using and using these words in the best combination, will bring that search traffic to your front door.

How can Ultimate Websites help with SEO?

We build SEO strategies into every website
We incorporate SEO strategies into every website we design. We will assist you with finding popular keywords being searched on the Internet which relate to your products or services. By using these keywords in the proper quantity and quality throughout your website, you will increase your chances of the right people finding your website.
Just having keywords throughout your website is not the only requirement to draw attention. You must also use them in ways the search engines will find them more valuable. We can show you how. With an Ultimate Website, we make it easy to own a more visible and attractive website for both the search engines and your target market.
To find out more, give us a call Toll Free: 1-888-402-2681