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SEO Deliverables

Achieving online success requires a thorough analysis of your website and its effectiveness with the search engines. Our SEO keywords research proves effective for today's business websites. 
  • Our RESEARCH will reveal strategies your website should use to overcome online competition
  • Our AUDIT examines your website’s structure, errors, omissions, dependencies, and performance 
Combining these results, provides us with the right information to complete an SEOBlueprint for your website which will improve search engine rankings, capture more visitors and help convert them into customers. After your website’s reconstruction, you will be given monthly reports identifying the progress of our strategies so they can be fine tuned. 


Our Guarantee

If you allow us to do the work and continue with the monthly updates, we will guarantee:
  • Increased Google rankings for specific keyword themes
  • Increased exposure to current search volume 
  • Increased percentage of traffic to your website
  • Increased effectiveness of your website with consumers 

The following influences, not under our control, may adversely impact the outcomes we guarantee:
  • Factors within your business which impact online rankings such as customer fulfillment issues
  • Content changes on your website that affect rankings (unless we look after all your content)
  • Changes to software we depend on to help us identify issues and improve rankings
  • Google's algorithm which changes periodically to improve the user experience
  • Specific numbers of people searching through Google (Search volume)
  • SEO efforts of your competitors 
If the guarantees are not met and the influences above are not a factor, 
we will refund your money from the month it stopped working!