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To achieve marketing success through the search engines and obtain more traffic for your website, work is required in 6 specific areas that operate like gears. Each gear depends on the previous gear to do its job. The diagram below shows the sequence and relationship between all 6 gears, which we call our SEOBlueprint.

    GOAL:Increase traffic through the search engines
    Capture the attention of Search Engines so they value your website above your competition
    SEO Blueprint - SEO HamiltonGOAL:Increase quality visitors to your website
    Capture the attention of your Target Markets so they click on your website link in search engines
    GOAL:Turn visitors into leads
    Capture the attention of your Target Markets so they stay on your website
  4. CLOSE
    GOAL:Turn leads into customers
    Provide a compelling message and clear call to action that search engines and visitors understand
  5. CHEER
    GOAL:Turn customer satisfaction into promotion
    Provide opportunities for online customers to promote your website and draw more traffic

    GOAL: Combine research and evidence into stronger strategies.
    To refine your website’s SEO value to influence search engines and obtain even more traffic