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Ultimate Websites is Hamilton's full service web design, web hosting, and online marketing firm. We can help you to increase revenue, communicate with new and existing clients, improve your online image, and bring in more traffic and sales.

There are lots of reasons to have a website, and these are the most common we hear. At Ultimate Websites Hamilton, we can accomplish all three with a marketing strategy, customized website, secure content management system (CMS), and comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

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Can we really increase your revenue potential?
Absolutely. An optimized website is the first tool for achieving online success...but it needs to be maintain and this is why at Ultimate Websites Hamilton, we offer a comprehensive package that includes:
  • Professional and fully Responsive Web Design
  • CMS to easily keep your content up-to-date
  • Strategies to grow your website traffic and rankings on search engines
  • Marketing advice to attract buyers to convert traffic into business
When combined, these tools lead to higher rankings in the search engines for 'winnable' keywords your target market is searching for and then helps you turn visitors into customers.
Higher Rankings  =  More Traffic (web visitors) =  More Revenue Potential
Screenshot of client's SEO
The chart below is an actual example of what effect our SEO services had on a client's website.  It shows the number of times Google displayed this website in search results before any SEO was done and after we added our SEO strategies. 
  • Impressions are the number of times their website was displayed in Google search results called SERPs.
  • Clicks are the number of times people actually clicked through to see this client's website. 
    The click-thru rate is always going to be less. What is difficult to see in this chart is that the click-thru rate doubled from 250 to 500 after the SEO update. Our next step is to improve their click-thrus by tweaking the wording displayed in Google.
Before and After SEO - Hamilton Web Marketing

Ultimate Websites and SEO

With over 14 years of web design experience and Internet marketing, UltimateWebsites has a proven track record of helping businesses and organizations succeed with their online target markets. We will enhance your web presence and when combined with our SEO services, increase your revenues.
The design of a new website will capture the attention of your target markets, validate your business, explain the benefits of your products and services, and assist with attracting new business. Our SEO services will capture the attention of search engines like Google so they will value your content above your competition, increase your rankings in the SERPs for specific keywords, generate more traffic flow through to your website, close more leads, and assist with promotion of your products and services.
 SEO Services 

CMS - Content Management System

Ultimate Websites includes a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) called SiteApex, that makes it fast and easy to update your website’s content at anytime from anywhere. In use by hundreds of businesses and organizations comprising thousands of users, it is robust, customizable, and industry-tested for over 7 years. SiteApex CMS does not incorporate open source software such as Joomla or Drupal, allowing us to provide you with additional security. This means we do not reveal our source code to anyone outside our company or use modules found around the Internet made by other programmers. There is also no 'master key' so no one can access your website's content.
SiteApex is easily setup for you, and modules are ready to go with a low ongoing subscription price. As a result, more time can be invested in marketing, design, navigation, SEO, and content to produce a website capable of competing with websites costing tens of thousands of dollars more.