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STEP 2 | Web CMS Options
Depending on the Setup & Design package chosen in STEP 1, consider adding these Extension Modules.



Printer Friendly Page

When a visitor to your website clicks the print link in your template, the content is transferred to another template specifically designed and formatted to fit a standard piece of letter sized paper. This special template eliminates the unnecessary graphics your visitor will not want printed.
  Site Mapping Tool

Automatically creates a list of links to all public webpages available on your website. This list is inserted into one webpage or in the template's footer so visitors and search engines can easily access and scan your webpages.
Website Search Tool

Inserted into any of your templates, this tool will allow visitors to search your website. Once found, pages with their search criteria will be listed in a format similar to how Google displays its results. This tool does not display content from secure webpages unless the person is logged in and has permission to view them.
  Banner Ad Module

These Ads can be anything special you want to promote with photos or graphics within your templates. You can manage these ads by campaign and track both the number of views and the number of clicks they generate.





People Directory Module

Create and manage categories of people or business offices with online directories. People can update their own profiles and photo. Custom designed layouts available.
  Listings Module

Originally designed for real-estate this module allows agents to add, edit, and delete listings. Upload photos, separate listings by agent, and download a report of the number of viewings.
Business Directory Module

Create and manage categories of people or business offices with online directories. People can update their own profile information including their photo with an 'Update My Profile' link that is automatically provided to that specific visitor. Custom designed layouts available.
News Listing Module

Post news articles that are automatically archived. Includes a 'Featured Story' option with a list of news briefs automatically inserted into your webpage. Use multiple ‘News Feeds’ throughout your website to feature Success Stories, Latest News, Newsletter archives, Testimonials, and more. Your News feed can use RSS technology to update your Facebook page. Allows use of the News and Featured Article plugins.

Indexed Article Archive

Upload articles for viewing within any number of categories for easier management. Allow visitors to search through an index of your articles and read what they want.
  Job Postings Module

Post items automatically into a list and allow viewers to respond with a message. They can upload files such as their résumé. Tracking and reporting is built into the system.

Questionnaire Module

Offer 3 different types of questionnaires. Quizzes that can be timed and graded against right and wrong answers. Surveys to collect opinions and other information from visitors. Poll-of-the-day questions to collect votes and compare graphically to other people's votes. 
  Learning Module

Automatically builds a course with chapters and pages which includes a set of navigation tools to track an individual’s usage and progression.
Sports League Module

Allows tracking of sports statistics. Features include the ability to add/edit/delete leagues, teams, games, and players. Website will show league’s schedule, game stats, team player list, and player stats.





Online Shopping Cart Module

Add products, upload promotional photos, choose featured items, categorize merchandise, and provide a shopping cart. Custom integration of non- standard payment gateways requires extra configuration costs.
  Inventory Management Plugin

Manage product inventory through the shopping cart. No need for a separate management system. Group products, set desired levels, view actuals, notification thresholds, expected delivery dates, and many more options.
Page Approval Module

Allow staff to edit webpages and submit them for approval. Upon submission, a 'content administrator' is notified of each request which they can preview, approve, edit, or reject.