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Need even more for your website? We offer a wide range of services to assist you with the demands of business, education, and government regulations.One of our effective services include a mobile friendly site, WCAG, Social Networking and much more! 

Compliance Enhancements
W3C template
Ensures your website template complies with W3C standards and is therefore compatible with a range of browsers. This option covers the extra work required when programming your website
WCAG 2.0 'A' template
The WCAG standards are quickly being adopted and enforced by governments in North America and around the world to make websites more accessible primarily for those with hearing and sight disabilities. The ‘A’ qualification is the entry level standard and will not be considered adequate compliance in a few years.
Includes W3C
Standards Above
WCAG 2.0 'AA' template  
This standard is considered very adequate for today and may be adequate for non-government (private) websites until 2025. Also includes W3C and ‘A’ level compliancy. Additional content compliancy training is required.
Includes All
Of The Above
WCAG 2.0 'AAA'template
This standard is not yet required except with some government websites.
Mobile Website
Easily provide mobile and tablet friendly versions of your website. Little intervention is required on your part to keep it up to date because it can mirror in real-time, changes made to your website. With mobile phones outnumbering PCs 4 to 1, there has never been a higher demand for websites to have a mobile presence. We make it easy by offering loads of built-in mobile features like one touch dialing, and a smart design that knows when to display mobile content and when to display the desktop version of a website.
Setup $500
+ $250/year

Social Networking
This plugin offers custom buttons you can create using an application interface from ‘Add This’. This will interface your site with the most popular social networking sites ie. Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Linkedin, Blogger, etc.

The News module can also produces an XML file which can be exported to social networking sites ie. Facebook receives the news feeds.
Setup $50

Google Apps
Google Apps Installation
We will setup & configure main account.

Setup $300
+ $35/user
We can import Emails and Contacts from each of your user's email programs
Google.com Annual Fees
For Businesses or Non-profits

For Schools Free


Content Management and Research


  Content Management (CM Rates)
We can take care of all your content updates for you!

Up to 5 hours /month (6 month minimum, prepaid monthly)
  6 - 15 hours /month $45/hour
16+ hours /month
  Content Research & Creation
Priced by the hour as needed.

Research your website’s competition
Source suitable content
Tailor content so it is unique
Install SEO keywords into content
Upload content into webpages
Style and layout content using Editor
Review & correct spelling and grammar
Define / install Custom modules

CM Rates apply
if purchased


Annual Subscription 



Standard Hosting Plan + SiteApex + Support
2GB Storage + 25 Email Accounts

Bandwidth/Transfer is now a 'Soft Limit' which means it is essentially Unlimited. However, we reserve the right to address specific cases if server performance is continuously adversely affected.
Advanced Hosting Plan + SiteApex + Support      
4GB Storage   +  100 Email Accounts
+ $120/year