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Accepting e-Transfers

Start accepting Interac e-Transfers by using the check (cheque) option in the Form Builder.

It is a great way to avoid credit card charges! You get your money instantly and safely through email.

With Interac e-Transfer, your money never actually travels by email or text message. Email and text messages are only used to notify the recipient and to provide instructions on how to deposit the money. Your financial institution transfers funds using established and secure banking procedures. It is a fast convenient way to send and receive money for very little cost. The sender pays a nominal fee of about $1.50 and the receiver is usually not charged at all.

SiteApex can easily be used for this purpose to receive payments or donations. As more and more people use online banking, e-transfer is becoming more popular.

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SEO Tools In SiteApex

SEO Tools are provided with every Ultimate Website. Some of these tools are:
  • 'Title' option on the edit page allows you to add a longer more descriptive title on any webpage
  • Use the built-in header tags in the Editor by clicking on the 'Paragraph' option. There are 6 sizes to choose from and each header can be customized to suit your website such as font size, colours, spacing, graphic elements attached
  • Clicking the Control Panel in SiteApex offers site-wide Meta Tags for changing the website's Description and Keywords
  • Clicking the Advanced Tab on any webpage Edit option in SiteApex offers individual webpage Meta Tag updates. Add unique Descriptions and Keywords with this tool.

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