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Building Pages - Web Maintenance

Content - Web Maintenance
Add and update your text and photos using our Editor. 
Module - Web Maintenance
Attach any module you want your webpage to offer visitors. Other plugin modules such as News items, Coming Event lists, and Banner Ads will be automatically attached for you.
Navigation - Web Maintenance
Webpage navigation such as drop-down menus are automatically added to the template. This includes optional navigation such as Search and SiteMaps.
Template - Web Maintenance
The template we customized for your website is added to encase the above elements to give your website a professional look and appeal.
Publishing - Web MaintenanceWhen you are ready to launch your changes, simply click on Publish Site. This automated process, which takes just seconds, combines all of the above elements into individual webpages. Publishing dramatically improves search engine optimization because it provides 'Database Generated' webpages instead of the more common 'Database Driven' webpages.Publish Button - Web Maintenance