** We Lowered The Price Again **
        1 SOLD - 3 Remaining

We need to sell these bitcoin miners, so we are continuing to lower the price until someone buys them. Thanks for checking back on our ad. 
*The price above is for 1 Jupiter KNCMiner 

We have 3 KNC Miners for sale that work perfectly. Due to upcoming family changes, we are selling our house and have to let these miners go. We have never had a problem with any of these miners and will even give you our account number to contact KNCMiner and verify we have not required their assistance for any warranty issues.

Our Jupiter Miners have been monitored several times a day to insure adequate cooling has been maintained since new. Everything you need to start mining bitcoins will be in the box, ready to go. If you need help setting up, we can offer you suggestions we found successful. You just need Internet access for each miner.

Why 2 power supplies for each miner?

When the weather was forecasting severe winter storms, we wanted to add an additional battery backup UPS to each miner to prevent power interruptions. KNCMiner told us a cost effective way to do this is to split the power between 2 power supplies each with their own UPS. This is what we did as you will see in the photos. 

Items included in this listing are:

If you want to buy more than one miner, let us know immediately before the others are sold.

Purchase and Shipping:

You are purchasing one KNC Miner (November Batch) for the posted price, however, you are free to purchase all that are left.  Each miner can be purchased with the 2 power supplies.  The total retail value of these power supplies is about $420.  With each power supply we will send the required cables including the main cable already modified to work with the miners.You are welcome to see each miner running in person or over a video chat before purchase. Since they are identical and perform the same, it does not matter to us which you choose.


All sales are final, so serious buyers only please. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Payment is due within 2 business days of your request to buy or we offer it to the next person.  We will not ship until payment clears. Once payment is confirmed, we will ship next business day. Cost of shipping is your responsibility and will need to be paid prior to shipping. Miners will be coming from Hamilton Ontario. We will ONLY ship to Canadian locations. Of course you can pick them up personally. 

Verified PayPal accounts, Bitcoin, or cash in person accepted as payments. Do not send cash through the mail. We will accept bitcoin equivalent in Canadian. If you want to pay with bitcoins, at the time of our deal we'll convert from BTC using the cavirtex opentrade value that equals your payment (www.cavirtex.com)

We are not responsible for any damage once the miner is shipped. We prefer to ship with adequate insurance to protect your investment. A tracking number will be sent to you as soon as it is shipped.

Thanks for your interest in our KNC Jupiter miners. The photos will show you our setup and screenshots of them working.