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Fox & Fiddle
Store 30
Location #108
North Wing
Hamilton, ON
Business Phone: 905-555-1220
Business Fax: 905-555-1226
Cell Phone: 905-555-1222
Toll Free: 800-555-1228
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Fox & Fiddle

The short answer is that we are merchants of fine pub fare. But really, we're more than that. We work hard at creating a warm, cozy, yet vibrant atmosphere where you can meet great friends and enjoy superior entertainment, excellent service, food quality and a great selection of domestic and imported draught beer at a reasonable price.

The English-style pub (or public house) has been around for centuries. This makes it the longest running of any eating, drinking and entertainment type establishment in the Western Hemisphere.

Terry Tsianos and his management team initiated their version of this concept with the purchase of the existing Fox and Fiddle chain. Since then, they have worked hard at keeping their pubs at the forefront of modern popularity.

Today, the expanded Fox and Fiddle chain of restaurants offer a perfect mix of high quality food and meal preparation, great entertainment, bar games and friendly fun.

What of the future? The vision for the Fox and Fiddle includes continued franchise development in Southern Ontario as well as British Columbia, with controlled expansion across Canada and into the United States.

Fox & Fiddle
Information Last Updated: Friday March 30, 2012